10 Deadly Household Items For Kittens


Deadly Household Items For Kittens

If you get a new kitten in your home it can be a fun and exciting time. But before the new kitten is allowed to roam the house freely,
be sure to check if the house is safe for the kitten because if it’s your first kitten or even for people who have a cat already it’s always good to check this list.

10.Dangling electrical cords

A cat loves to play with cords. We try to keep them hidden for them as much as possible but now and then they will chew on them
We have 5 cats at this time of writing but we have only 1 who will chew on the cables.
electric cords

9.Toilet lids left up

They say for the lady’s the men have to put the lid down 🙂
Well now they have 2 reasons, and why ?
Because a kitten can drown in the toilet, a grown cat would jump out but a kitten could be stuck there
And also who want a trail of water in the house 🙂

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