10 Reasons why your cat is meowing


2. Greeting

When you come home after staying away or even gone for a brief moment, a cat just wants to say hi when you walk in.

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  1. You missed one, when the cat just fancies a chat; wants to tell you about their day if they haven't seen you all day. They also like to give their opinion on things that happen or changes in their environment.

  2. Karen Armentrout Potter on

    GAWD don't you people even know when to properly use THEY'RE as in the contraction for THEY ARE!!! NOT their!!

  3. There, their, they're. Take an aspirin and have a nap. It'll be better later.
    PS: I think it's spelled "god" or "God", depending on your belief structure; not "GAWD".

  4. Emelie Norlén Jäderberg on

    My cat hunts for me and meows at me to come and eat, apparently she thinks that I'm not eating enough. She's an indoor cat so the 'meal' usually is different cat-toys but she takes care of me, sometime it feels that she takes more care of me than I take care of her.

  5. Karen Armentrout Potter on

    Bill Blinn wrong. It has nothing to do with belief structure or religion. GAWD is an exclamation and a perfectly acceptable one, such as shucks or darn. I am not Christian and yet I respect people who are enough not to say GOD but I could. And it is important to use grammatically correct English, unless you want to speak like an idiot.

  6. Karen Armentrout Potter I have a good friend that does what you do which is pick on people for their spelling or grammar. Why do you do it Karen? Do you enjoy trying to make fools of people or is it so you feel superior?

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