10 Signs That Your Cat Has Stress


Stress affects humans in a variety of ways including a decrease of overall health. But, cats can be subject to stress as well. Cats are amazing creatures, but stress can cause changes that are unseen and sudden. Here are 10 for sure signs that your cat is stressed:

1. Personality Change

Has your cat changed from being cute and cuddly to ankle clawing and biting? This is likely due to the fact that the poor feline is stressed. Aggressiveness is one of the first signs that a cat is stressed.

2. Urinating Everywhere but The Litter Box

Yes, it is disgusting but stressed animals tend to go to the bathroom whenever they have to go. It is important than when this happens, you monitor your cat to find signs when they are about to urinate. This way you avoid any accidents and direct them to the right area. When you feel that it is more than just stress, it is important to contact a veterinarian.
2. Urinating Everywhere but The Litter Box

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  1. We just bought some after getting a sample from our vet. Poor baby has to go back next Monday for another tooth cleaning. So stressful. Feliway is amazing.

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