10 Things Cats Do Without Realizing They Are Being Adorable


10 Things Cats Do Without Realizing They Are Being Adorable

People cannot ignore the fact that cats are the leader of web. These loveable creatures have become part of our life like best friends. To them, every twitch of the nose or casual pause is just a part of their everyday routine, but In fact they are not aware of their own prettiness that exactly makes them attractive. Let’s have a look at their adorable trait.
Here you will find a list of 10 Things Cats Do . Enjoy !

10. Rolling over onto their back, revealing their belly

When a cat rolls over onto her back and shows her belly, she tries to show that she is in comfortable mood. All is well in their world and she will appreciate a little petting from you. In some cases, she will roll over on her back as a way to say “hi” to her owner and that is very cute indeed.
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  1. Your comments and explanations of cat behavior are so far off that they'd be funny—if they weren't so pathetically wrong. Since you really don't know anything about cat behavior, why don't you just stick to showing cute pictures? You'll save yourself some embarrassment.

  2. Heather Wheelden on

    Um, who runs this site? Whoever they are does not know the first thing about cats. Cats do NOT headbutt for food or water. That is a MYTH. They MEOW, for that. Cats headbutt to SHOW AFFECTION and to MARK THEIR SCENT ON YOU. First your site promotes a toy that is a 'whack a mole' and whacks little kittens on the head with a mallet, you now spew utter rubbish about cats. Your site is either a trolling satire site, or you are completely oblivious to how IGNORANT you are truly are on cats.

  3. I agree, though you did correctly pinpoint some of the cute things cats do, you are incorrect in your explanations and holy hell your spelling/grammar! You're posting something for the world to see, get your facts straight and sound educated.

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