10 Tips for a Happy and Healthy Kitten


Getting a brand new kitten is one of the greatest things on the planet. They’re cute, soft as down, and as cuddly as, well, kittens. Nearly irresistible, kittens melt even the toughest of hearts
It’s good to have things started out on the right paw, and the food and care you choose can make all the difference in the health and happiness of your growing kitten. Here are 10 starter tips for you and your “mew” companion.


Keep on feeding your kitty its “normal” diet, but slowly bring in high quality kitten food (i.e., high in protein and taurine, and low in fillers and carbs) in to the mix; consult your personal veterinarian about what best serves your cat. After it has adjusted, feed it the high quality food exclusively.



Feed your kitty at least 3 times a day from a shallow plate. Remember, they’re tiny things and so they need easy accessibility to their food. Snacks, especially during the growing stage, should also be included. Small amounts of high-protein foods like cooked egg yolk, boneless fish, and cooked or raw liver will be a great treat, and will help build strong bones.

tabby kitten eating out of blue bowl

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