10 Ways Your Cat Shows You Love


1. Lightly touching her forehead against you

Called head bunting, this cat act of affection is given only to the A-listers in a cat’s life. Your cat will face you, lower her head and lean a bit forward so that the top of her head touches your forehead, face or other body part. This loving touch can often release feel-good hormones called endorphins in your cat and you.

head bunting

2. Cheek rubbing you

This act secretes oils from her facial glands. It’s her way of claiming you as her own. Just be thankful that she does so by cheek rubbing, not spraying. Cheek rubbing

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  1. Heather Wheelden on

    There is NEVER a need to "trim your cats nails", a good scratching post and/or tree log and the cat will take care of that themselves. We've had many cats over many many years and never ONCE even thought to trim their nails, let alone needed to do it. Leave the nails alone there is absolutely NO NEED for human intervention there.

  2. Huang Nicole on

    I had experienced everything!~ they also given me live Cockroaches, half dead Lizard and a fully horror living Tarantula (I don't know where they got it), but the nuzzling of their claw thing I know that it is affection but I didn't know it was a nostalgia from the memory of their mother because I actually tear up. I only found both of them on the streets alone, malnourished, loveless and with eye infections. Cats are truly marvelous.

  3. I Iove them!!! I knew about the blink thing already and the best part is that you can return the blink to say " I love you too" in cat ♥

  4. Have to correct 1 tiny thing, tail puffing can also mean she's just very excited, it's not neccesarily a negative thing. One of my cats always jumps up with her forepaws to reach my hand for rubbing, and after doing so about 2,3 times, her tail is puffed up 2x it's original size

  5. My female cat does all these "love you" things, while male cat is acting differently. He will come to cuddle and will bite you for love. XD
    Also, I can notice more intelligence coming from my female kitty. xD

  6. Vivian Birdwell on

    I've seen this a lot!! I noticed it while the kittens were nursing. Then when they got older, they would come do it to me and I kinda got that figured out!

  7. This is not correct, some cats have a condition where their claws do not retract, so it is a necessity to trim the claws so they don't get caught on things which can cause tearing and/or pain. PS the capitals are a bit strong, there is no need to shout…..

  8. Leslie Wolfenden on

    There is a big difference between trimming a cat's nails and declawing. I trim all my cats' claws regularly, but would never declaw any of them.

  9. Laura C Pancake on

    Agreed that there is no need to ever trim but with caveats – first, that there are plenty of places for the cat to scratch (posts, outside, wherever) and the proof is in finding the shed sheaths around; second, that the cat's claws have not already been trimmed into a situation where they grow back funny and require future trimming (it can and does happen); third, barring any physical conditions that require they be trimmed; finally, a periodic check to make sure the claws are healthy and not so long as to get her caught on things or be uncomfortable when she walks.

  10. Normally a bite doesn't mean love, a bite normally means they have had too much attention. Even if it's just one pet and they bite, or you pet them in a wrong place that is sore or uncomfortable or it's a trained behavior that they know of. Watch to see if he bites because of a length of time that you pet him, or that you pet him in a spot that cats hate, or a hand shaking or playfulness he may misinterpret. Sometimes you have to act like an older act and when he bites, make a yipping sound and swat. NOT HIT. Don't think I mean hit. It's just a way for mother cats to let their kits know that it hurts. That's all. it's really effective!

  11. I disagree that the slow blink is a sign of affection. A cat that holds steady eye contact without the blink is actually a greater sign of trust than with it. The blink is not love. It's meant to communicate, "I'm chill and my eye contact is non-predatory, so you can be chill too." A greater level of trust and affection means the cat doesn't even need to bother with that and trusts to make eye contact without needing to qualify that eye contact as non-hostile.

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