17 Weird And (Sometimes Embarrassing) Habits All Cat Owners Are Guilty of Having


Every cat owner does things that non-cat lovers would not understand.
Heck, i have no idea why some people don’t like cats, but that’s me talking for the cat lovers 🙂

1. Calling your cat your “child.”

2. Having conversations with your cat.


3. Giving your cat nine or more nicknames.


4. Buying your cats birthday and Christmas presents.


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  1. Andrew Marsh on

    Yep, all true. Well, apart from sniffing my cat. And to all the non cat loving knockers, I simply say "And??".

  2. I have 3 cats & one of them is the one I like to bury my nose in her fur. Her smell changes & it's all very pleasant. Sometimes it smells a bit woodsy, other times a bit flowery or sweet. One of the others allows me to sniff her, but she doesn't smell as good. The youngest one is much too busy for such nonsense!

  3. As my view theres no embarrassing thing here its a thing to be weird or odd its a feeling makes happy n feel they r own childrens although they animals so i dnt agree abt anything … makes me happy alhamdhu lillah .. cats are treated to be loved n give luv n give them a forever home nt for sell or jst throw it away if its nt fluffy or short fur

  4. I was going to say "What your point is?" to all these statements. the one I don't do is sniff my cats, unless there is an odd odor. My outdoor girl likes to get meadow moles–no desire to catch a whiff of that LOL

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