4 Reasons Why Men Should Love Cats


men love cats

It is a universal fact that women are more attracted towards men who own a pet. And what is the most (not so) surprising fact is that women find cat-owned (NOT the other way around) men hawt. Here are the top 4 reasons for why behind a man’s wooing success, there is always a cat. (Meoowwwwww)

Reason #4 Kitty-owned men are more responsible

Owning a cat is a commitment. Cat-owning men, in our eyes, have a sense of responsibility.

Cats can live for up to 20 years. Owning a cat means way more than just plunging a fish in a bowl. You have to make a commitment to this complex yet beautiful creature. You have to feed your kitty, clean her up, and also play with her.


We appreciate a man who not only possesses strong commitment traits but who also shows a sense of responsibility towards a tiny, little creature.

It is damn sexy!


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