5 Dangerous Foods for Cats


5 Dangerous Foods for Cats

3. Alcohol
Cats tend to be attracted to drinks with milk or cream in them, Dr. Wismer says, making your holiday White Russian a potentially toxic substance if consumed by your pet. Cocktails aside, alcohol can also be found in desserts and can be created in your cat’s stomach if they ingest homemade or store bought yeast dough used in making bread, rolls, and pizza. Even small amount of alcohol (both ingested through alcoholic beverages and produced in the stomach) can be life threatening, making it important to call your vet before you notice any serious poisoning symptoms like seizures.

5 Dangerous Foods for Cats

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  1. Yes – I tend to agree. Eggs! Fish! Bread! I'd rather feed a cat fresh fish or meat than most commercial tinned cat foods. Just looking for 'hits, I guess'…

  2. Lucas Monello on

    I'm sure there's entire healthy communities of cats living in coastal regions and islands around the world that survive almost entirely on raw fish, bycatch and whatever waste the fishermen throw at them when they dock at land.

  3. Roger Browne Tho fish isn't good for cats since the thiaminase in the raw fish prevents cats tiamine (Vitamin B1) production. and the only thing cats "need" from fish is Omega 3 and 6. Fish is also the most allergenic protein for cats. The "domestic cats" aren't built to eat fish since they are desert-animals, only a few felines are actually made to have fish in their diet.
    And bread is really bad for cats since it's only grains, yeast and stuff. (I have read and studied cats nutritional needs for 5 years).

  4. Heather Wheelden on

    I knew about onions. But raw fish? And tuna? Raw meat? Is this article a JOKE?!?? Cats are synonymous with tuna, for goodness sake, and fish. When is the last time a cooked piece of fish was associated with a cat? Never. Because cats are carnivores and lived for thousands of years til now on raw fish. And raw meat. I know someone who fed their cat largely on raw mince with other ingredients. The cat lived past 18 years. I love the cute pictures on here, and some of the quizzes. But this site puts up a lot of myths as if they were fact, and a lot of misguided, illinformed and quite frankly, dangerous – information about cats and I have found the site to be very irresponsible lately. Time to unfollow I think, unless this site stops posting lies and dangerous misinformation.


      When my late Tonto (tom cat) was a kitten, I thought I was treating him well by giving him tuna every day. His coat then became so oily and then I began an animal studies course and some research said that the level of taurine in tuna good BUT Tuna contained high levels of methylmercury so overfeeding could kill. I suffered Pinks Disease when young due to high levels of methylmercury in teething powders, it left me with all sorts of problems of a neurological nature so I was horrified when I realised I was virtually killing my cat with tuna and its high methylmercury content.

  5. Dr. Wismer, cats are not fluffy lill humans, they are in fact one of the greatest predators of nature… how did they manage to survive before whiskas and cat chow?? I think you just try to sell us stuff by means of terror.

  6. Nezje Pinksteren on

    So untrue, cats are not like humans. Fresh fish must be frozen for atleast 14 days but after that there is no problem to feed it to your cat. Thiamide is mostly in fatty fish. Once a week is no problem.

  7. actually raw fish is true….unless you freeze is and don't feed it more than once a week. Fish, fatty fish (exeption of salmon) contains thiamine wich causes vitamine B deficiancy. And tuna is contaminated with heavy metals, so not healthy for humans or animals. Raw egg is not dangerous if you feed both the white and yoke.

  8. Ook hier is het weer goed, voor mensen die zich niet zo verdiepen, om te weten dat niet zomaar iets kan geven ook al "lijkt" het nog zo goed (y) Hier vinden ze het heerlijk om af en toe eens een lekker koolvisje te eten en dat ook nog eens rauw…!!! Eerst spellen ze het spelletje "kill your prey" en dan lekker peuzelen…:D (wel oppassen want voor je het weet hangt er een stukkie vis in je haar)

  9. Cats thrive on raw meat/fish. Fish in smaller quantities, but still raw. Who wrote this? I'm appalled! My cats are both healthy and happy. Their coats are thick and super soft. Even the vet is impressed with their fur and teeth. Their natural diets are raw meat and fish. This scaremongering makes me mad.

  10. Because they lived on small animals that they ate all of, there are different minerals, namely Thiamine, that they got from mice, small birds and other small mammals, that are missing from the large cuts of muscle that humans eat as meat. These minerals are found in the brain and other organs of those animals, that they can't get from fillets or steaks. Hope this helps 🙂

  11. same as my cat eats tuna everyday and shes got the shiniest coat and is the most healthiest cat i have ever seen so yeah its all tall story's lol

  12. Martine Geen its alot better than the ash,vegatble/meat product pellet food "mostly ash" that most people feed their cats lmao please this is just scare mongering

  13. what is your view on traditional catfood from a can? this stuff has weirded me out for ages, doesn't seem right – what should i feed my cat instead?

  14. Hey Leo, I detest canned cat food. It smells tinny and again is filled with inferior meat (derivatives and other such disgusting ingredients). I feed my cats Natural Instinct frozen, human grade food. You just defrost what you need. They even sell a paste to help you transfer them from inferior food. I also like any dry kibble without additives, colours and preservatives. James Wellbeloved, Wainwrights and Burns are a good dry food. It helps their teeth and keeps them going between meals. I feed them raw twice a day.

  15. oh dear well someone here needs to tell the cat that "fishes" raw fish from the local reservoir that it needs to cook the fish before it eats it. I mean it's only about 12 years old so I am guessing that by the article that this poor helpless and unhealthy cat is meant to have a shortened lifespan. I wonder what cats (and dogs) did before man invented pet food, it's really a miracle that we still have any left I am sure they died off in their millions by eating raw fish and meat, and were feeding themselves without human intervention.

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