5 Expensive Veterinary Procedures That Can Be Avoided


2. Feline Urinary Obstruction

Although this particular expensive emergency especially in male cats and kittens cannot always be avoided, understand the risk factors that can lead to urinary obstructions:

Dry food diets
Stress and anxiety
Ignoring male felines displaying urinary troubles
Young male felines are most vunerable to urinary obstructions. As discussed previously here and on other websites, dry diets plus stress might be risk factors for developing urinary tract symptoms.

If your cat is tensing to urinate or is uncomfortable in the box for just one or 2 days, don’t hold off until Saturday night when he’s lying on his side and not able to urinate to call the vet! See your vet the moment your cat is showing signs. Most likely you can prevent an actual urinary obstruction with early intervention.

Unfortunately, many of these emergencies are bound to happen. But start your young male kitty out on wet food, a “stress free” environment and a sufficient number of clean litter boxes, and you’re off to the best start possible.
Feline Urinary Obstruction

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