5 Expensive Veterinary Procedures That Can Be Avoided


4. Pyometra/Mammary Tumors

A pyometra is a uterus full of pus. This painful and life-threatening condition can be avoided. How? Well, if there is no uterus to fill with pus in the first place!

Please spay your dog or cat when your vet recommends it. If you insist on breeding, spay the animal as soon as you are through making her produce puppies or kittens. Then you will never have to pay an emergency vet to save your dog or cat’s life because her uterus broke open in her abdomen, dumping a gallon of pus into it.

Mammary tumors occur almost 100 percent in unspayed dogs, or in dogs that were spayed later in life. Spay your dog by the time she is 2, or have a really good excuse not to do this. Otherwise, don’t be surprised when, later in her life, you get the bad news that she has mammary cancer.

5. High Rise Syndrome, and Other Traumas

Cat-proof your home or apartment, particularly in the warmer months, when windows are open.

Yes, cats can fall out of high rises and survive. One comprehensive study followed cats that fell from heights ranging from two to 32 stories. Ninety percent of the kitties survived. The most common injuries in high rise syndrome are:

Chest trauma
Fractured lower jaws or facial trauma
Forelimb injuries below the knee
Clearly, these are always emergencies, and the cats that survive usually need surgical intervention and intensive care.

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