5 Must Know Catnip Facts


5 Must-Know Catnip Facts

What is catnip?

Everyone likes something, I like ice cream 🙂 , The dog likes our expensive shoes. For the most cats, it’s catnip. Here are 5 things every cat lover should know about this thing that drives cats crazy.

1. Catnip is a plant.

A member of the mint family, Nepeta cataria L. (aka catnip) grows throughout the USA. The plant features small, lavender flowers and jagged, heart-shaped leaves that smell faintly of mint.

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    • LOL you basically contradicted yourself. MOST cats love it. Not all. It’s clearly stated by you and the article lol.

  1. That's why the article says cats, not cats and kittens. It's implied that only adults get enjoyment from it. Also, the reason kittens aren't affected is because their brain and nervous system isn't mature yet. Once a kitten is 7-8 months old, on average, they will start to feel the effects of catnip.

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