5 Tips for Picking Out Treats for Cats


My cats have me well trained. Every evening they arrive in the kitchen for treats. If I don’t conjure them up quickly enough, they are not shy in expressing her irritation – vocally at first and then as the situation becomes more urgent by placing all of her six pounds directly underfoot. I invariably acquiesce at this point to save one or both of us from injury.

Since treats are a daily indulgence for many cats, it’s very important to put some thought into what actually makes a good cat treat.

Treats should be treats

In my mind, a treat should be special… something that a cat looks forward to and relishes eating. I’ve heard nutritionists and veterinarians say that a under certain circumstances, it’s best if a cat’s regular food be used as a treat. While medically-speaking this may be true, I don’t think the cat truly looks at this extra meal as a treat. Treats should be delicious (from the cat’s point of view) and do not have to provide optimal nutrition.


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