5 Ways to Help Your Cat Stay Disease Free


How to Ward Off Dangerous Diseases

Your cat may be your steady companion for the next 20 years, if you’re lucky. Follow these steps conscientiously and you can ensure that she stays healthy and happy for all of her nine lives.

5 Ways to Help Your Cat Stay Disease Free 1

1. Visit Your Vet Regularly

Annual checkups are probably the best way you can help your cat fend off unwanted illnesses. These exams will allow your veterinarian to more easily spot problems at their earliest stages, when they can often be handled simply and cost effectively. It’s also important to note that cats age much faster than us, so missing even one yearly appointment could be like you not visiting the doctor for over 5 years! Regular veterinary checkups become even more important as your cat ages. In fact, the American Association of Feline Practitioners recommends senior cats get a veterinary exam every 6 months.

5 Ways to Help Your Cat Stay Disease Free 2

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