6 Reasons to Start Your Cat on a Feeding Schedule


6 Reasons to Start Your Cat on a Feeding Schedule

Free feeding animals in the past has been said to help them regulate their food intake. This is only when cats are regularly active. Free access to food is almost always recommended when owning a cat, however what happens when they overeat or even under eat due to this? Cats are no longer mainly outdoor pets, each day cats being moved to the indoors. With this case, free food is not the best form of feeding as activity levels decline. Here are 6 reasons to start scheduling your cat’s meals.

1. Portion Control.

Cat owners are usually not able to estimate how long a cat food bad lasts, meaning they do not know how much food they add into the bowls. Having one cat it may be easier to see how much food you add each day, but how much food are you adding exactly? Some may say they add more food every time the bowl is half full. Scheduling meals is the only one you can see how much food your cat consumes.

2. Weight Management.

Cats can gain weight when they are free fed, which is more reason to start a schedule. In the wild, cats hunt for food causing great physical activity. When you are playing with your cat, it is still a form of exercise for them. Playing with your feline more regularly can help in a variety of areas such helping them lose weight and reduce begging between eating times.

3. Used as part of Training or Behavioral Management.

Does your cat beat up your other animals, or even you when paid attention to? You can use these feeding schedules to implement a more positive attitude in them. Such as giving them a treat when they react positive to your petting. You could even give them a treat when they are acting nice to the other animals. Remember, if free food is available they will not respond to training.

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