6 Reasons to Start Your Cat on a Feeding Schedule


4. Creating a Daily Rhythm.

Creating a schedule is great for cats, it allows them to predict the day and feel more secure. Freely accessed food can cause weight gain as they are not doing any exercise, as one would do in the wild, and this causes them to eat all day. When no energy is spent on getting food, or at all, there patterns become scattered where eating when bored may come into play.

5. It is Natural.

The cats digestive system is as complex as ours, they benefit from a scheduled eating plan. Cats do not snack, as wild cats don’t have food always ready for them, instead they will consume as much as they can until they feel hungry again.

6. Wets Diets NEED Scheduled Meals.

If your cat consumes a wet food diet, you just cannot have it lying out freely. Open canned and raw food should be discarded, as they are perishable.

This is more than convincing on whether you should start scheduling your cat’s meals. Try it out; you will be surprised how beneficial this will be for your cat and even you.

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