7 Tips for an Attention-Seeking Cat in a Multicat Household


You have several cats but one demands all of your time? Here are tips to spread the fun around.

Here’s the situation: You have a few cats. They all get along well, for the most part. But one cat demands more attention than the rest. Sound familiar?

In our case, the attention-seeking cat in my household of six cats is the young adult Oscar. I don’t think there’s enough attention in the world for Oscar. He really loves and thrives on all the attention he can get. But I also need to make sure the other cats also get some attention. Here’s what I’ve tried to do to make sure that everyone gets the attention and love they need.

1. Take notice of the others, first

In a multi-cat household with an attention monger, it can be very easy to get busy with the attention grabber and not notice the other cats as much. So observe everyone. You know your cats better than anyone. Does someone appear to be a little “bummed” or needing a little directed love? Has another cat gone into a shell? Are the other cats wanting attention, but when you take out the toys, does the attention monger make it impossible for the others to join in the play?


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