7 Tips for an Attention-Seeking Cat in a Multicat Household


3. Play with everyone together

Ideally, I’d really like to be able to play with all the cats together, or at least the ones that really really love to play. So I’ve gotten a little inventive about trying to create situations where they can all play together. I bet many of you have done the same thing. For example, if I’m playing with the feline fisher, I try to swing it in a wide swath, so that several cats can play at once. This usually works well if you have places on the floor where cats can hide — a box, for example, or between pieces of furniture. Sometimes what will happen is that cats will hide in various places near where we’re playing, and jump out to grab the Feline Fisher or the wand toy as I swing it by them. In this way, I can keep several cats busy at once.

playing cats

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