7 Ways To Tell If Your Cat Is Sick  


7 Ways To Tell If Your Cat Is Sick  

Telling whether a cat is sick or not is not easy, not because they cannot say it, but because they are remarkably good at concealing the symptoms. Actually, in most cases you will only spot the symptoms of sickness when the condition is fatal. You should therefore remain vigilant about your cat’s health all the time. Regular veterinary visits are recommended, but you have to watch out for the following signs for clues on whether your pet is suffering in silence or not.

  1. Change in Social Behavior

If your cat is exceedingly affectionate but suddenly becomes reclusive, or clingy, it is possible that it is ailing. Extreme behavioral changes are signs of illness, especially if the behavior persists. Otherwise, they may be behaving so because they are annoyed by something bad was done to them, not necessarily sickness.


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