9 Good Samaritans Saved the Life of a Little Kitten


The kindness of some random strangers saved this tiny kitty, which was stuck in a storm drain.

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It all started when Richard, a friend of Kelly Ingram heard a kitten’s cry coming from a strom drain outside Kelly’s house. They both got together, tried to get the tiny one out and even posted help on Facebook.

Workers from Public Work showed up too. Even after opening the storm drain they couldn’t get the cat out. Lacey Jensen Marek was driving by but stopped to offer help. She called her friend Catherine Powell, who is a vet. Powell showed up with a trap and sardines to help the kitty out.

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But the cat was too scared. It kept crying and won’t accept food or any help from them. A nurse or doctor named Naomi, who had earlier passed by the scene, came back with some young men to help the stuck kitten out. One of them, Micah, was athletic enough to brave his way into the gutter and reach the back of the drain to get to the kitten.

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Naomi decided to adopt the tiny baby. Catherine checked the kitty for injuries and handed the safe but still frightened kitten to her new mommy.

Hey baby. I'm your mommy.

Hey baby. I’m your mommy.

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