Adorable Cheetah Cubs ‘Say Hello To The World’ As They Take Their First Steps


A group of cheetah cubs were spotted exploring their territory as they took their first steps out into the wild.

The pictures were taken by wildlife photographer Paul Mahagi, who waited for days in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park hoping to catch a glimpse of the cheetah cubs.

Thankfully his patience paid off, and after hiding in a bush for hours on end in the smoldering heat he finally spotted the week-old cubs.


The little cheetahs were mostly covered in spots, as is typical of their species, though they had long, pale, fluffy fur along the length of their backs; a telltale sign of their young age.


According to Big Cat Rescue, the long fur helps to camouflage the cubs as they walk through high grass behind their mother. The feature begins to fade after three months but remains visible at two years of age.

Though the cubs will eventually grow to become the fastest animals on the planet, Mahagi caught them taking things slowly as they tested their legs and walked for the first time.

One picture shows the youngsters looking around curiously, while another shows one of the creatures stretching out its back and baring its jaws to the world.

Mahagi was delighted to have spotted the cubs and is convinced they had come out to say hello.

The photographer commented:

I spend a lot of time in the park hunting for the best pictures. I knew there were new cheetah cubs and wanted to see them for myself.

I’m very happy with how these turned out. I never knew I would get such a great expression. It looks like he is saying hello to the world. The cheetahs are very cute.

It’s a moment he won’t forget that moment any time soon!

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