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  1. Kaylyn Kiki Harris on

    Doesn't sound like it's purring all of the time… My cat doesn't break purrs to hiss at me…

  2. Big cats can only purr breathing out, whereas small cats can purr when breathing both in and out 🙂

  3. Kate Rarr Rar Harvey on

    Just to clear up the non-purring thing, big cats (eg lions, tigers, leopards etc) cannot purr like another small cats, just like small cats can't roar. Their voice boxes are slightly different so air passes through them slightly differently (how cats purrs if you didn't know, which is why it can be continuous as it happens when air both is breathed in and out). However, big cats can in a sense 'meow' although it is slightly different and the 'hissing' isn't hissing, it's a short, rough puff of air many big cats use to show affection or at least accepting as a non-aggressive communication. The point about being 'de-clawed', you don't actually know that because leopards can retract their claws (not saying I know whether s/he has been). Also, the leopard is showing his/her tummy with is a sign of submission as well as having his/her eyes closed or only partly open is a sign of relaxation. This is most likely a leopard that has been hand-raised so, like many observations in feline species, they can come to accept and show affection to those humans who have raised them.
    Just so you know, I'm a university student focusing mainly on feline species, especially leopard and clouded leopard studies. I'm putting this here because I see a lot of comments on videos like this where people misunderstand (and understandably since big cats are very different not only physically but socially to domestic cats) so just thought I'd put some facts down on here c=

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