Are Two Cats Better Than One?


Are Two Cats Better than One?

Have you visited a local shelter recently and have wanted to add a kitten into your family? However, you notice the kittens are brother and sister, or are close. We all have been in this position where we want our animals to keep their friends; after all it is hard for them to find someone to get along with. Getting two cats from the same little has several benefits .

4. Cats that are Related Get Along Better.

When cats are a part of a community or large family, they tend to stick together. Cats that are related have been shown to get along better because they are family. This is not a guarantee that they want have their feuds, but the relationship is there.

3. Childhood Buddies.

Cats can be difficult at making friends, however when cats are together at an early stage of life they get along a lot better. Although this is a reflection of above, they do not necessarily have to be from the same family.
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