Baby Monkey Flies To His New Home


No matter how many times you see videos on saving an animal, nothing hits the heartstrings stronger than the feeling of young animals that are being saved. Here is one amazing chimp who defied the odds and beat certain death as a result. His journey to his new sanctuary home is one such story in a thousand. Help us share this story and let others know that the world is still a wild violent place.

As for this little guy, We’re sure he’ll have a happier life all because some of us actually do care. You’ll be amazed to see this baby chimp has no fear of flying despite the trauma he must have gone through. Perhaps we’re not so far away in feelings as we previously thought if you compare chimps to people. These little guys are a lot like us in so many ways.

Baby Monkey Flies To New Home

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Posted by UNILAD on Wednesday, 18 December 2019

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