Baby Monkey Gets Head Massage


Watch this adorable, baby monkey fighting to stay awake. His eyes are tired but he doesn’t want to give in to sleep quite yet. His caretaker speaks softly and gently brings his hand to the baby monkey’s head. Baby monkey gets head massage. As the caretaker lightly massages the monkey, his eyes flutter and begin to slowly close. With each gentle stroke, the baby monkey relaxes more and more.

The tender massage carries the monkey away into sleep. The day’s excitement and work of exploring the world fades into the background. So tired and losing the fight to stay away, the baby monkey’s eyes close. Tenderly, the caretaker rubs the stress of the day away. Sleep in peace.

Couldn’t we all enjoy a little head massage to help us sleep? The tired monkey gets head massage. Sleep well, little one. Close your eyes and drift off to sweet and pleasant dreams.

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