A Bookstore Turned Into Shelter For Cats


A Bookstore Turned Into Shelter For Cats Seems To Be The Most Ideal Place For Cat-persons To Cuddle Those Fluffy Pals!


Admit it but you find cats as one of the most adorable pets in the world – the only reason why some people keep off from touching them is the risk of getting allergic reaction. That allergic reaction is triggered by their “lovely pleasing” eyes and cute meows! LOL. Seriously, cats are jerk – sometimes. But this doesn’t keep a bookstore in Hong Kong from providing stray cats temporary shelter, where they can get along with customers!

This bookstore is more than any Barnes and Noble you’ll ever find! The store’s name is SAM KEE Book Company! Just like any other bookstores, it has a great selection of reading materials too – with bonus cuddling cats!

The welcome sign says it all

bookstore 1

Now .. reading or cuddling the cat

bookstore 2

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