Budd The Wobbly Kitty Doesn’t Let Anything Slow Him Down


Meet Budd. He’s a ‘wobbly’ kitty, born unable to walk or stand, but Budd does not want people to take pity on him. He is learning to walk, making a lot of progress and is the happiest he can be with his loving family. Budd won’t let anything slow him down.
Budd born with Cerebellar Hypoplasia was found at eight weeks old and brought to Cat Depot, a rescue center in Sarasota, Florida. His foster caregivers Jill, Kay and Jim helped him build muscle strength to walk in a custom made cart. They taught him how to eat from a bowl and use a litterbox on his own.
Budd, you are a Super Kitty in our eyes. Go Budd!


[Scroll down for video of Budd his incredible progress]

Budd, the wobbly kitty, born unable to walk or stand, but he doesn’t let anything slow him down.

Budd The Wobbly Kitty 1

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  1. Sue Fairweather on

    I've got 2 cats with CH – one just wobbles when he walks and eats the other has little control over his back legs but runs around like a kitten. Both cats are extremely happy, well loved, affectionate and give us enormous pleasure. I feel privileged to be part of their lives and for being their forever foster parents. Good luck to Bud for the future, he deserves to get on well and live a long, happy life

  2. Isn't that just heartbreaking yet heartwarming as well? Poor little Budd struggling to stand and move normally. I'm so happy he found such a kind and loving forever home with such good and inventive folks. I hope for the very best for all of them.

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