Cat Chewing Its Tail, What Do You Mean It Can Be A Serious Problem ?


Cat Chewing Its Tail, What Does It Mean ?

Cats are notoriously fastidious groomers who clean their fur day after day in an endless attempt to keep it clean. If you notice your cat biting, chewing or gnawing his tail a lot, though, he may have health issues in need of attention. Contact a veterinarian before symptoms worsen.
Find 5 reasons below of what it could be !

5.Cat Tail Tales

A cats tail is a sensitive appendages that helps your cat to maintain balance and show emotion. They typically have 18 to 23 vertebrae, attached to which are muscles that control movements.
Cats should groom their tails as they do the rest of their bodies. Sometimes they will chew their tails because they’re itchy, which isn’t cause for concern. Excessive biting and gnawing, though, can indicate a multitude of medical issues.
If your cat is chewing on his tail more than is typical take a closer look and call a veterinarian. Regardless of its cause, excessive tail biting can cause secondary infections.
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