Cat Chewing Its Tail, What Do You Mean It Can Be A Serious Problem ?


4.Wounds and Growths

Your cat can’t tell you when he’s experience some trauma, but his tail biting can tell you something. Routine fur cleanings can irritate wounds or growths, exacerbating licking and biting as they scab or weep.
When your cat’s licking a single spot over and over again, examine the area. Your cat most likely won’t react very well to being touched in that area, so you may want to pacify him with a tiny treat.
If the tail of your feline is sore to the touch or has zero sensation, your little one could have a fractured or dislocated tail. You may find cuts, abscesses or growths. If for some reason they’re bleeding, consider treating them with antibacterials to stave off infection as you arrange for further treatment.

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