What Is Your Cat His Tail Telling You ?


Cats are similar do dogs, you can tell what their emotions may be based on their tail. Whether your cat’s tail is curving to the side or completely straight up and down, it is a way of communication. It is a great idea to take notes because each position is a signal of something important to them. Below are examples.


When looking at your cat’s tail, if it is lowered and fluffy it means that they are afraid. They have found something that they are genuinely scared of, or that they do not like. Look at the direction of her eyesight as that may be the cause, as well as her hind legs will be crouched down. When she is away from the source, she will more than likely be back to herself.


When a cat has a tail that is bristled and arched, it is likely about to attack someone or another cat. If this is in fact another cat, the best training technique is to spray the cat with a water bottle before any fight develops. If this is toward a human being and they are antagonizing the cat, tell them to stop or leave as the cat will attack when threatened.

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