Cats Are Less Stressed In Animal Shelters, As Long As They Have This One Thing


Ten of the cats were given cardboard boxes to play in, and the remaining nine were not. By the end of two weeks, the cats who had been able to hide in boxes had dramatically lower stress levels than their boxless counterparts.

gif box2

There are a variety of theories of why cats love boxes. It could provide them security by giving them a place to hide and be alone while still allowing them to monitor their surroundings. When placed into a new, stressful situation, like being admitted into an animal shelter, feeling secure could make a tremendous difference.

Additionally, these small enclosures might also help the cats regulate their body temperature. By getting close and cuddly in a small box, the cat is able to preserve its body heat and stay warmer.


Did you know that it’s not just small, domesticated cats who will hide in a box? Their larger counterparts, such as Villy the snow leopard from the Zürich Zoo shown above, also love a good box. For your daily dose of cute, check out this video from Big Cat Rescue that shows some of the biggest cats having a little fun with their box.


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