Cats and Their Behavior: 5 Creepy Cat Habits


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Did you had this before : You come closer to your cat to say hello, and she immediately throws herself on the ground, rolls onto her back and exposes her tummy to you?
If you get this all the time, be happy. Cats who roll over and expose their stomachs are actually relaxed and comfortable, calm and content. When she does this, your feline is showing you that she actually loves and trusts you and most likely wouldn’t mind some belly rub at the moment, either.
cat rolling

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  1. Ann A. Jones on

    I'm sorry, but what kind of word is "go"s?" I guess I am quite the old fuddy duddy in that I still prefer to see proper spelling and punctuation. The proper word is "goes." It's a verb. The "apostrophy s" is either a possessive form or a shorter form of "is." "Go's" doesn't meet either criteria.

  2. My male tabby cat is always kneeding especially on me or my clothes then starts washing with legs in air. Strange cat never before had one like him. He has adopted me but is really from across the road.

  3. Actually, if you rub a cat's belly after she exposes it, you are abusing her trust. Cats don't much care for belly rubs. Scratch under her chin or around her ears instead.

  4. I guess my Kitteh is a shameless whore…he loves belly rubs but much prefers "knuckle rubs" to his forehead…

  5. Meghan Veronica Donohue on

    My sweet baby growing up died three days ago and she would always flop down and look for belly rubs with me.
    My other cats don't trust the dog enough to flop anymore lol, he's just very excitable that's all ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. My cats know how to stop me from rubbing their bellies. They don't stop me. Yes, it is a huge trust issue for cats. They wouldn't expose their bellies if they didn't trust us. If they didn't trust us a lot, they would not let us touch them. My youngest one gets in my lap belly up. When I rub her, she purrs and cooes. She will fall asleep with my hand on her flip side. She has always done that. If that is "abusing her trust," then I will be abusing that trust until she lets me know to stop. These are not a hard rubs like you would give a dog, but gentle massaging.

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