How to Choose the Best Cat Food


7.Consider Grains

Some of the controversies that surround pet foods include the use of grains and glutens. Grains are used in many pet foods and provide an excellent source of carbohydrates. Cats can easily metabolize these carbohydrates and use them as an energy source. However, some people prefer to avoid grains in their cat’s food. In fact, some cat experts believe that a diet that is high in protein and low in carbohydrates is healthier for cats, though this is a controversial subject and not all agree.

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It is important for cat owners to remember that grain-free diets are not necessarily low carbohydrate diets. In many cases, the grains have simply been replaced with another carbohydrate source such as potatoes. If you are seeking to feed a low carbohydrate food, you’ll want to make sure this is not the case.

6.Give By-products a Break

By-products have been maligned by many all kinds of sources. In actuality, by-products also include highly digestible and nutritious organs, such as the lungs and liver and pet food ingredients that are labeled as by-products do NOT include things like horns, hair or hooves, as advertising gimmicks would have you believe. It is a misconception that by-products are “unfit” for human consumption, though it is true that they are less popular ingredients for human food in the U.S. Most of the meat that we eat is derived from skeletal muscle rather than organ meats and other by-products.
By-products are not all created equally. Some by-products are highly nutritious; some are next to worthless. Reputable cat food companies choose quality by-products to include in their foods. Choosing a pet food company you can trust is an important consideration when it comes to pet foods that contain by-products.

How to Choose the Best Cat Food 4

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