How to Choose the Best Cat Food


3.Analyze Nutrients

A guaranteed analysis is included on the packaging of most pet foods also and will usually list the minimum amount of protein and fat by percentage and the maximum amount of fiber and moisture, also by percentage. When comparing the guaranteed analysis of two different pet foods, a more accurate analysis is possible when the analysis is converted to a dry matter basis. Otherwise, the moisture content can significantly skew the comparison. Comparing the guaranteed analysis of a dry food to a canned food without taking account the moisture content is a bit like comparing apples to oranges.
It is important to remember that, although the guaranteed analysis provides a measure of the various nutrient categories, it does not provide any information relating to the quality of the ingredients in the food, its digestibility or the overall quality of the food.

How to Choose the Best Cat Food

2.Follow the Guidelines from Your Vet

Just about all pet foods are obligated to include feeding guidelines. Then again, different cats will need different quantities of food.
Ask your own veterinarian to do a body condition analysis on your cat every time your cat goes in for an check-up. Ask your vet to demonstrate how to do this analysis as well. Determining your cat’s body condition is the best way to find out whether your cat is overweight, underweight or at his ideal weight. You should be able to feel your cat’s ribs. If you cannot, your cat is likely overweight.

How to Choose the Best Cat Food

Feeding your cat to keep him lean and at an ideal bodyweight will keep your pet healthy longer. Change your cat’s feeding protocol accordingly. For some cats, the guidelines provided on the food label may be accurate. For others, they may need to be adjusted.
If you can find yourself straying too far from the label guidelines, check with your veterinarian. It’s possible that the food you’ve chosen is not suitable for your cat’s individual situation. Some cats may require special foods to help them lose weight. Ask your veterinarian for a specific dietary professional recommendation.

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