Choosing Where To Put Your Scratching Post


One of the greatest challenges that pet owners face is enticing cats to use the scratching post. Generally speaking, cats possess an intrinsic need to scratch various surfaces with their claws. But sometimes, this innate desire becomes destructive to even the most valuable furniture and upholstery. With this said, there are simple tactics that one can employ in order to discourage this type of behavior altogether.


While some cats generally prefer to stay within the range of their own territory, other cats prefer to explore. Nonetheless, it is important to draw your cat to the scratching post with the aid of catnip spray. When you combine this technique with positive reinforcement and praise, you can increase the chances of discouraging destructive behavior.

Cats also thrive off of accessibility, and whatever scratch surface is most accessible, they will scratch. Keep reading to find out how to remedy this. If you understand how cats learn, you can alter virtually any maladaptive behavior that arises.

Predicting Where Your Cat Will Scratch =>

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