Choosing Where To Put Your Scratching Post


Predicting Where Your Cat Will Scratch


The first consideration to make is where your cat frequently scratches. This may be  particular chair, sofa, or rug that your cat appears to like. Scratching is essential in the context of cat behavior because it enables the cat to actively designate its territory, and they strive to make their scratches as visible as possible. Given this information, you should consider placing a scratching post in the very area that your cat likes to scratch.

You may also consider placing a scratching post in the area in which your cat sleeps most frequently. When your pet awakes, and scratching post is awaiting them, this will whet their scratching needs, and prevent them from destroying furniture down the line.

Another great predictor for scratching habits entails analyzing where your cat spends most of his time. For example, does your cat sit near a window peering out most of the day? Does your cat spend a great deal of time near your bed? If so, place the scratching post in one of those areas.

Sadly, you may have to purchase more than one scratching post for your household in order to encourage proper scratching behavior. Do not place them indiscriminately throughout the house, however. Orient them in a manner that is productive and effective.

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