Coast Guard Brings Drowning Kitten Back to Life with Mouth to Mouth CPR


At around 1PM in Sicily coastal area, some people spotted a tiny kitten floating lifeless in the waters in the port town of Marsala.


According the Guardia Costiera, the kitten was motionless, seemingly lifeless. One of the crew members immediately dived into the sea to retrieve the kitten. Once he got the tiny kitten on board they began to give the kitten mouth-to-mouth resuscitation that they were trained to perform normally on humans, in hopes to revive the little baby kitten.


After some time, they spotted a sign of life in the kitten. The kitten, not over a month old, expelled the water through his mouth and let out a tiny meeooooww.

The rescuers were in joy and excitement when they saw the tiny kitten breathe again.



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