Couple Cares for 25 Lumber Yard Cats and Tries to Earn Their Trust


A couple from Virginia began feeding a feral colony to continue the 15 years of work started by an elderly man.


They bring food to over two dozen cat friends, and every day they become a bit closer to gain their trust.

“There are approximately 25 cats living on this dead-end road” Kevin Drum said.


An older man had been feeding this colony for 15 years until he had to move out of state. “That the moment  my wife and I began feeding them… I don’t think this many cats is that much more work; it’s just a lot more food.”

After almost 2 years, the cats have grown and started to trust them.


“Each cat has another character. One of them demands that I scratch its head every single day, and others will only come out to eat after I have left.”



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