Dumped at a shelter after 18 years because his family “didn’t want cat hair “


We don’t really know his backstory, only bits and pieces. We know that his elderly owner died, and that the surviving family didn’t want the responsibility or cat hair, as they stated. They did not leave a name when dropping him off at a kill shelter, so Pumpkin is the name the staff gave him. It fits. He is in poor health, he is depressed, but that’s one of those things we deal with every single day, so we hope for the best and love them for the time they have left.




Syrian Refugee Travels Thousands of Miles with His Kitten to Hungary, Hoping to Start Again


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  1. I’d take him if I could. :'(
    That’s no fair. It’s akin to sending an elderly grandparent to a home because you don’t want to smell old people smell.

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