Dying Cat Does Something To His Owners On Final Trip To The Vet That Will Touch You


When we first bring a kitten home with us, there is so much hope and possibility in the air.

Not only are these tiny creatures adorable, but we know that we are just beginning an incredible journey together as pet and pet owner, and as friends.

However, after years of watching our kittens grow, change, live, and love, there inevitably comes a point when our time together must end. While this can be a terribly sad day, we can take comfort in the fact that we shared a beautiful life with one another and that our furry companion is going on to a better place.

Reddit user abernha3 recently posted a picture online of his cat’s final trip, his trip to the vet after a yearlong battle. He has been so sick … The image has since gone viral, as it depicts one of the most moving and heartfelt scenes imaginable.


While this couple is devastated about having to part with their beautiful friend, it seems as if their little kitty Andrew is comforting them both, as he holds their hands for their final car ride together. ( i need a tissue )

Scroll through below for a look at the image that is touching hearts around the world.



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