Feeding cats five times a day, a healthy habit


Feeding cats five times a day, a healthy habit

I saw in a recent research conducted by Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine that it is essential to split meal in smaller parts for the whole day, in case of feeding cats, it is very important to take care about their intake. Giving a larger meal will be good from them if we look at nutritional aspects, but after a while they may feel hungry and demand for more food. It will not only increase their food consumption, but will also make them fat and lazy.

Whenever I tell my friends that I feed my cat five times a day, there comes a question of concern. People think it’s way too much to feed animals specially cats for that much time but medically it has been proven right.
Splitting food in smaller portions will not only prevent them from getting fat, it will also help them eat more of nutritional food, which otherwise they could consume in lesser amount. It will also enhance their metabolism and will improve their appetite. ( How to choose the best cat food )
I have experienced it with my cats and I will certainly like to share it with you to assist you in that matter. When I used to feed my cat with larger meal, it made it hungry after a while and it start doing exasperating acts just to convey its dissatisfaction, but on the other hand if I break up its meal in smaller portions it feels less hungry and becomes more active.

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  1. We feed ours 2 times daily. We started them on raw food and took away the dry food. We give them a few kibble as treats but that is all. They have gotten down to a healthy weight and their coats shine and are soft.

  2. Carolyn Washington on

    I gav3 my cat a tbl spoon of moist and a hand ( enough to fill the palm of my hand ) for the day she lived 22 years

  3. Mine wanted food every 4 hrs smaller portions drove me nuts i just looked a can of food to them so cut em back to 2-3 feeds + bickys they dont harrass me as much now .

  4. Jennifer Bedard on

    First the cat with the blue eyes is the same cat I have.i have always fed him smaller meals more frequently.and I agree Mikey eats all he is given not leaving any to waste and he is a very healthy active cat!

  5. I think I will stick with what my vet told me. We have 4 cats, one with weight issues. She came from a home with 11 cats they would just free feed. All 4 get dry food twice a day, morning and evening, a little less than a quarter cup. They finish is all. Then wet food at night, around 9 :00 and that is quarter can each. As a result, my overweight cat is now down to a healthy weight and the other 3 are maintaining their weight.

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