Feline-Inspired Fragrance: A gift from Japan to all cat lovers


Hey cat lovers! Are you disappointed that your fabric freshener doesn’t smell like your cat? You don’t have to be depressed about this anymore.

Here is a product that cat lover didn’t know they were waiting for – a spray containing scent of felines, specifically the fragrance of their forehead.

Japan – The innovator company of cat-carrying hoodies and felted cat butts – has developed this new cat aroma product.

The innovative product, named “Fluffy Forehead Fragrance Fabric Water” is developed by a company called Felissimo.

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The company conducted a customer survey which showed that there is a high demand from the customer for such a fragrance. Felissimo took four months to create a product which smells just like a catty.

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Now, you don’t have to skip your office or fake sick when you miss your cat. One spray and you will feel like at home with your kitty pie.

Felissimo, on the product page has described the product to be having reminiscent of freshly baked bread. But according to an article in the Rocket News, the fragrance has been categorised as both “sweet and aromatic” by the customers.

But for now, the overseas cat lovers can’t enjoy this holy water. “Fluffy Forehead Fragrance Fabric Water” is yet to be made available for purchase overseas. But don’t get disappointed. Felissimo is planning to change this soon.

Until then, go snuggle your feline and keep on sniffing it like the crazy cat human you are!

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Oh Gawd human! Just stop sniffing me and get yourself the fluffy fragrance fabric water.


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