Feral Cat Can’t Stop Cuddling Her Little Baby After Being Rescued


A feral cat was saved just in time so her babies could live. Now she can not stop cuddling her most tiny kitten.

Meet Summer the Calico.

A lovely calico was located with a pregnant abdomen by a volunteer from Cat Adoption and Rescue Attempts (C.A.R.E.). The young kitten was quite afraid and needed a lot of help.

“At first she was quite timid, but I worked with her every day, gaining her trust. Shortly she learned that people meant great things to eat and a mild scratch under the chin. Only when it seemed like things were turning around for Summer, she went into labor…”

Because she was so young, she went into lots of complications.


“I raced her to the veterinarian, who told me they would need to do an emergency C-section.

“As they prepared for operation, I braced myself to lose all of the kittens. And against all odds, three miniature wonders were born. All of the vet techs and both veterinarians were there, and all of us were moved by the experience – one of the vet techs was in tears.”

Nursing her newborn babies that are special, purring away.



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