Feral Cat Can’t Stop Cuddling Her Little Baby After Being Rescued


The runt of the litter was quite delicate, so mother showered her with all the love in the world.

“Splash was the smallest and weakest of the kittens. I stressed that she mightn’t make it, so I gave her extra feedings from a syringe.


“Summer took extra special care of Splash and was quite protective of her baby. She’d grown attached to me, but she let me know that she didn’t want me to take Splash out to feed and weigh her – she wanted her baby to be close to her.”

Thanks to Summer, Splash survived and thrived!


“Eventually, the kittens grew up, and Splash’s two siblings were adopted together.

“Summer grew even more attached to small Dash and I often would see them snuggling together,”


“Splash and Summer’s exceptional narrative is now missing only one thing: their forever home together.


“Since Summer is fairly timid at first, they are going to need a quiet home and a patient family that will give them time and help them feel safe and comfortable.”


They constantly give each other cuddles and comfort.

“They have been up for adoption for several months and have been overlooked because it’s difficult to find a home for a bashful bonded pair.”


Hare this narrative with your friends and help the adorable pair find their loving home. In case you are interested in adopting and located near/in Richmond, Virginia, check out the profile of Splash and Summer’s profile and apply online.


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