Ferret’s Favorite Place To Sleep Is On His Cat Brother


Rexie, the feline cat, and his brother Keanu, the ferret, have gotten along ever since Rexie first joined the family in Feb 2015.


The 2 live together in Yekaterinburg, Russia, with their catmom, Dasha Minaeva.


Minaeva had Rexie ever since he was a tiny kitten. She first got him when friends had some kittens to give away, and he was a healthy, normal cat.


Months later, however, Rexie’s life took an unexpected and sad turn and Rexie got paralyzed.


When Minaeva left Rexie with family members to take care of him, he was left unattended with little children “who apparently weren’t too gentle with my cat,”. “After some sort of ‘play,’ he ended up having his backbone broken. He couldn’t use his rear end anymore.”



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