Four Places To Pet Your Cat — And One To Leave Alone


Here you can see the Four Places To Pet Your Cat but also One To Leave Alone
Base of the cat’s chin. Pet your cat gently along the underside of his chin, especially where the jawbone connects to his skull. You’ll likely get the purr-engine running hard, as your feline pushes into this pleasant caress.

Scratch Here, Please

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  1. My cat loves her belly being rubbed and has never attacked me, if I rubb it and stop she grabs my hand with both paws and pulls my hand back then she licks me

  2. Lindy Johnson Protzek on

    I have a cat that comes every day for what I cal rubby rub, a bit of a process..he stands on my chest and I rub his sides for a few minutes and then he does this silly head twisting while he figures out which side of me to flop down on his back and then I rub his tummy and chin for however long he decides and if someone interrupts at any point we have to start all over again….crazy huh? Thats our Dexter. 🙂

  3. Sean Shunka Mckenzie on

    My boy Floyd goes crazy if I go near the bottom of his back.He`s got a really sensitive lick reflex and that`s where it`s situated.

  4. Jeanean Erickson on

    not all cats love all these, it helps to "imprint" them as very young kittens, one of cats will give me the most gentle bite ever, really just putting mouth on hand or finger, when he'd rather nap and dream. Same will let put my nose near or on his "smile" ( side of mouth) and open his mouth and touch my nose. Be careful, stay alert, don't try this at home. He's only gave too much pressure twice. He arrived as tiny feral kitten, too.

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