History in Making: The end of Cat vs Dog is near


Is your cat showing too much anti-dog aggression; can’t stand the pup around itself? Is your once-so-cute feline refusing any kind of therapy against anger issues?

Maybe this half cat toy and half home decor, DOG designed by Dutch designer Erik Stehmann can help you.

image 1

This oddly pup-like scratching post can offer cats a much safer and hands-on outlet for their anti-dog policy and aggression. Erik, on his website, has described DOG as a scratch post for cats, which is induced with a good dose of humor. It can serve as one of the ways for cats to release their frustrations on dogs — their “natural enemy”.

image 2

I am way more powerful than you, dog!

Erik further explains the product as a furniture saviour. The DOG scratch post might protect one’s furniture from the horror of their cat’s scratching.

image 3

This is the best sofa ever, purrrrrrrr.

This might be the best creation after cats themselves and you might have started day dreaming about it but unfortunately, DOG isn’t shipped outside of the Europe and costs a bit too much (700 U.S. dollars only!). But no one said peace comes without a price tag.

image 4

I will shred you into pieces!

To learn more about DOG, check out Erik Stehmann’s website here.



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