Honey Bee: Blind Cat Goes Hiking


Fall in love with the little Honey Bee, the blind feline who loves to hike

Sabrina loves traveling. What’s more fun while you travel, for this animal lover, is to volunteer with a few animal shelters and around the globe.

While visiting the beautiful Fiji for 3 days Sabrina volunteered at Animals Fiji, a wonderful but small shelter that serves as the Pacific island nation’s only provider of low-cost veterinary care.

There she met a lovely kitten. She’s helped homeless felines find homes to US but this time she knew that Honey Bee is a special cat.



  1. Are you ever worried about a Coyote stalking her or jumping out on her? People lose sighted dogs on trails around here in Illinois. But I enjoyed the video and happy she has a human that obviously cares about her.

  2. I should add my comment wasnt meant to be a criticism. It was just a concern. I believe what you do for Honey Bee is such a wonderful and selfless thing and she is experiencing Human love. Thank you!!

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