How This Cat Helps A Little Girl With Autism Live Her Life To The Fullest


Autism is a hard condition to live with. Autism prevents a lot of people from living life normally and limits the capacity for people to express their lives normally.

Little Iris was just 4-years young when she was diagnosed with autism back in December 2011. Everyone feared she would never be able to live life normally. Iris struggled with expressing herself, showing affection, communicating and even social interactions.

Until they brought a new friend.

They brought him a new family friend, Thula, a Maine Coone cat! This cat ended up being more then just a best friend and pet, but a true miracle…

Facebook Iris-Grace-Painting1

Iris had some problems speaking, but when she met Thula the main coon kitten, it was a miracle!

Thula the main Coon brought out the best in Iris.  She began talking more, being more open, slept better and she even started communicating!  It was really amazing!

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