How to Bond with Your Newest Feline Baby


Kittens are pretty handful. If you work full-time, make sure to make your home kitten proof as they are adventurous and likes to explore everything. For working parents, it is best to get a pair of kittens so that they have a playmate and don’t feel left alone.
Hand feed your cat for some time if it is shy and unsure around people. This will build its trust around you and other humans too. Exposure to people will ensure their social health. Invite your friends to interact with the kitty. If your kitten is well socialized, shower it with cuddles and pats to build a better bond.

Paying attention to the reactions and behavior of your kitten is also important. Learn to recognize when it is happy or when it is uncomfortable. Don’t force them in an uncomfortable situation. Gradually get them used to those situations.


Also, remember the no-no when it comes to bonding with a new kitty. Don’t encourage them to play with your hands and feet. It might seem cute when they are young, but they will grow up thinking that biting and scratching are an appropriate form of play. As old habits are hard to die, it will be difficult and dangerous for you to get your cat leave behind this habit.

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